Challenge Lab

Qwiklabs [GSP311]

Task 1:

clone the repos...

Task 1: Create a Cloud Storage Bucket

change the project id.
code :

Task 2: Create a Cloud Function

Go to the “saf-longrun-job-func” directory
code :

Task 3: Create a BigQuery Dataset and Table

# To create the dataset

Task 4: Create Cloud Pub/Sub Topic

code :

Task 5: Create a Cloud Storage Bucket for Staging Contents

wathch the video to complete the task

Create a folder “DFaudio” in the bucket

do it manually

code :

Task 6: Deploy a Cloud Dataflow Pipeline

Go to the saf-longrun-job-dataflow directory
code :

Now, execute the command given below:
code :

Task 7: Upload Sample Audio Files for Processing


After performing Task 7: Upload Sample Audio Files for Processing, we have to wait....until we see output in bigquery > dataset > table.

Task 8: Run a Data Loss Prevention Job

code :

Now, click on “Save Query Results” and select “BigQuery table” option

Enter a name for a new table and save.

Go to the new table in which result is saved and then Click on Export > Scan with DLP


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