According to QWIKLABS: 
The hands-on labs in this Quest are structured to give experienced app developers hands-on practice with the state-of-the-art developing applications in Google Cloud. The topics align with the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer Certification. These labs follow the sequence of activities needed to create and deploy an app in GCP from beginning to end. Labs in the sequence with application code are presented in two language flavors, Java and Python. Be aware that while practice with these labs will increase your skills and abilities, we recommend that you also review the exam guide and other available preparation resources

Lab Name Lab Code Lab Link Youtube Link
App Dev: Setting up a Development Environment - Python GSP183
App Dev: Storing Application Data in Cloud Datastore - Python GSP184
App Dev: Storing Image and Video Files in Cloud Storage - Python GSP185
App Dev: Adding User Authentication to your Application - Python GSP186 #
App Dev: Developing a Backend Service - Python GSP187 #
App Dev: Deploying the Application into Kubernetes Engine - Python GSP188 #


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