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We mainly have three types of cloud services but I have added one extra in my post, I hope it will be beneficial for you.

Software as a Service [SaaS]

A Prodect that is run and managed by the service provider are comes into this catagory.

SalesForce ,Gmail , Office 365 etc.

Plateform as a Service [PaaS]

In this type of dovlopment we are most of the time expand on the dovelopment and managment of the resourses.

Like Heroku ,alisic-bean, GCP App Engine

Information as a Service

The basic building block for cloud infrastructure, it not only provides computing and data storage but also networking facilities in the form of advanced technology. Azure ,GCP , Oracle cloud ,AWS

Function as a Service

This is most useful it's covers almost everything like deployment ,runtime,storage ,security,networking and yas we can say all basic opration comes under this FaaS.