Google workspace :         

                                           Google Workspace is a bundle of  SaaS products for team communication ,collaboration for an organization. Google offers many products some I have listed below.

  • Google calendar.        
  • Gmail.
  • Google sites. 
  • Google drive 
    • Google meet.
    • Google sheet.
    • Google docs.
    • Google slide.

  (in formally we known them all as a G-suite)

According to google these are :


Productivity and collaboration tools for all the ways we work.


G Suite Enterprise for Education is now available  you can check It by clicking this line link. 

Google Shared Responsibility Model :

                                                                                                 The shared responsibility model is the simple visualization that help to determine what the customer is responsible for and what Google is responsible for related to GCP. According to them customer is responsible for the configuration of cloud services and granting access to user via permission.

             Everything is clearly defined if any how you configured any service no matter its you have configured by mistake ,you have been charged ,so my suggestion to you use them wisely. and yes no doubt if you can not configured it then google is responsible for it.

*Note it , there are many cloud service provider and google is one of them, mainly CSP is a company which provides multiple cloud services and those can be chained together for creation of an architecture.  


Why Use a Cloud Provider?

Using a cloud provider is a helpful way to access computing services that you would otherwise have to provide yourself, such as:

Software: Ready-to-use application.

Infrastructure: The foundation of every computing environment. This infrastructure may include networks, database services, data management, data storage , servers , and virtualization.