Hyper Text Markup Language.

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Throughout this tutorial we are not only going to take a lot of practice, instead, but we will also focus on giving you practical skills to build your first website. In this frontend course, you will surely get a piece of good knowledge about what we have mentioned in the previous page like all Popular libraries, webmaster, how to create a proper sitemap to give the user a good experience, how to get revenue from the website, what kind of hosting are available in the market And what service is best for a specific project website, and at the end of this journey, you will have a lot of projects in your hands.


HTML For A Web Page. A web application. A Static Website. A Simple Portfolio. A Blog.

Difference Between HTML and HTML5 :

HTML5 is the fifth version of HTML. Many elements are removed or modified from HTML5.

If we want to understand what exactly changed in this new version, we have in the table below almost everything that really matters to us as a big

It works with all old browsers. It supported by all new browser like Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc
Elements like nav, header were not present. New element for web structure like nav, header, footer etc.
Older version of HTML are less mobile-friendly. HTML5 language is more mobile-friendly.
Does not allow JavaScript to run in browser. This is possible due to JS Web worker API in HTML5.

HTML Editors

  • Notepad
  • Notepad++
  • Sublime Text 3
  • VS code

We have many editors present in the market it's up to you which one you liked, My Suggestion is to use a visual code editor for better understanding and for to get a web developer experience. Next, we will discuss the Construction of an HTML Page. See you there...