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What is BigQuery

Bigquery is a serverless Data warehouse (no need to worry about compute) whereas Databricks is a platform to run spark (compute) on any storage(AWS, GCP, Azure). BigQuery is mostly used for reporting, dashboards where Databricks is used for ETL Pipelines, ML pipelines, Advanced analytics etc.

Note:  BigQuery is actually not traditional data warehouse either where compute and storage are coupled. I would say delta lake being a more complete solution and support open file format Parquet.

What is Delta Lake ?

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to deliver the reliability, strong governance and performance of data warehouses with the openness, flexibility and machine learning support of data lakes.

This unified approach simplifies your modern data stack by eliminating the data silos that traditionally separate and complicate data engineering, analytics, BI, data science and machine learning. It’s built on open source and open standards to maximize flexibility. And, its common approach to data management, security and governance helps you operate more efficiently and innovate faster.

Delta Lake vs BigQuery :   

    • Databricks Lakehouse Platform (Unified Analytics Platform) is rated higher in 1 area: Professional Services .
    • Google BigQuery is rated higher in 4 areas: Likelihood to Recommend, Usability, Support Rating, Contract Terms and Pricing Model .

Databricks on Google Cloud is a jointly developed service that allows you to store all your data on a simple, open lakehouse platform that combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to unify all your analytics and AI workloads. Tight integration with Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery and the Google Cloud AI Platform enables Databricks to work seamlessly across data and AI services on Google Cloud.



Data Lakehouse: The best of both worlds in one platform:

A data lakehouse unifies the best of data warehouses and data lakes in one simple platform to handle all your data, analytics and AI use cases. It’s built on an open and reliable data foundation that efficiently handles all data types and applies one common security and governance approach across all of your data and cloud platforms.

How to read from and write to Google BigQuery tables in Databricks.?